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Why Balaji Battery?

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High-Quality Products At Competitive Price

High-Quality Products At Competitive Price

We are offer high-quality and best products of the market. We provide batteries to our customers at wholesale rate, Which we offer to our client at a very low cost compared to other vendors.
Decades Experience of Battery Industry

Decades Experience of Battery Industry

Our battery equipment company was established in 2007, and it is currently based in Noida India. We have more than 15 years of experience of being a battery supplier for some of the largest companies in the country.
Door Step Facility

Door Step Facility

We understand your needs and offer our services at your doorstep. Our technicians are equipped with the best set of tools and skills to restore your Car, inverter, bike battery at your doorstep. We are just a phone call away!

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Amaron Car battery
Amaron Car battery
Exide Car battery
Exide Car Battery
SF Sonic Inverter Battery
SF Sonic Inverter Battery
Livguard Inverter Battery
Livguard Inverter Battery
Luminous Inverter Battery
Luminous Inverter Battery
Microtek Inverter Battery
Microtek Inverter Battery

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Here's what our customers say about Balaji Battery

Sanjeev Kumar

बालाजी बैटरी में इनको पीसले 5 साल से जनता हु ये बैटरी का खुद भी असेंबल करते है पहले हमने इनका हाथ का बना हुआ बैटरी भी इस्तेमाल किया है जो बहोत ही लांग लाइफ 5 ओर 6 साल चले अब ये कंपनी की बैटरी लगाते है इनसे बैटरी लेने का ये फायदा है कि इन्हें बैटरी की पूरी नॉलेज है इन्वर्टर का तो ये हीरो है नाम भी धर्मेन्द्र है । साथ ही मार्किट से सस्ता देते है बैटरी ओर इनसे मैने अभी तक तीन कार की बैटरी ओर मेरे ऑटो का बैटरी भी ये दुबारा अभी 3 महीने पहले ही लगाया है इनका बैटरी का बड़ा काम है जिसका काम बड़ा होगा वही मार्किट से सस्ता दे सकता है ।

Vikas Mahalanabis

This store owner is incredibly courteous and competent. In fact, the staff members are outstanding in a professional capacity since they are so courteous and respectful of the client. Additionally, they are courteous and provide you with real goods at lower prices than the market.

Parikshit Pathak

This shop owner is very polite and professional. Infact the employees are also very polite, they respect the customer which makes them awesome professionally. They are also polite and give you genuine products at better prices than the market. I would love to recommend them to everyone who needs anything related to car or inverter battery etc.

Mukesh Kumar

The service engineer provided us with very nice service for inverter battery , and he also taught the proper way to utilise the product and the specifics of the warranty. It is a fantastic product (inverter and battery)", and it is simple to get in touch with them over WhatsApp for installation and comment on complaints. thank you DK batteries Noida.

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